Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you want to step into the 21st century of business cards? Find the answers to any doubt you may have.

How does the card work?

Each card has an NFC chip embedded into it. It’s a passive technology, where you just need to tap the card on a compatible phone and it will open a link to save your contact information. When the person adds you, all of your profile information is saved on their phone. This also includes social profiles, your website and other links you decide to add (i.e. a link to your pricing page or a presentation)

What are the benefits compared to a regular business card?

First, you only need to carry one card around. Next, you can share much more information without having to rely on the person to add them manually. On top of that, you have complete control over your information - you can update it anytime and you won’t be in a situation where you need to print the cards again. It makes networking a breeze! Simply tap the phone and you're in their contacts. This way you're saving them the time of manually adding your contact information.As well as making sure your card won't be tossed away on a pile of other cards and never looked at again. And finally, it looks cool and exclusive!

How do I add my design?

Once you purchase your card, check your email for access to your account. There you can add your logo and main color, as well as other important details. Our design team will contact you to align which information you want on the card before we ship it out.

How do I add my details?

You'll get access to your profile where you can add all the details, including your website, important links and social profiles.

Is it just a simple tap on a smartphone or?

Yes, the person doesn’t need to have any app installed, and works on almost all new phones.

Which smartphones are supported?

All Android phones and new age iPhones have NFC readers. For older iPhones or those that don't have the NFC reader enabled by default, we place a QR code on the back of the card so you can pass over your contact details effortlessly.

Can I change my details?

Yes, you can make all the changes in your profile and they’ll be live in the blink of an eye. Next time you use your card, it will share the updated details.

How long will my card last?

We source quality NFC chips with a long lifespan, so there’s minimum risk of the chip failing. The wear and tear of the card itself depends on the usage and storage, but we’ve built them so they can be used for at least a few years of regular usage. In case it gets too worn out, we offer a nice discount to get a replacement.

I tapped my card on a phone and it doesn’t scan

If the phone is compatible with NFC technology (all androids and newer generation iPhones), the person may have turned off the NFC scanner in their settings. You can always use the QR code as a backup to make sure your details are shared.

Is this secure?

NFC technology is rated as a fundamentally secure one by virtue of its extremely short range. On top of that, we don’t store any financial information, just the regular contact details you could see on a regular business card.

Can I order multiple cards?

Yes, you can order as many as you want, either for yourself or for your colleagues. If you order them for your whole company or colleagues, each person will get their own account to edit their information.

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